Dear Customer, please carefully read the booking and cancellation conditions. The limited number of available seats obliges us to charge a fee in case of absence, cancellation, or date change that is not communicated with at least 2 days notice.

Reservation with Pre-authorization

We would like to inform our valued users that, at the time of booking, a pre-authorization will be requested on your credit card.

How does credit card pre-authorization work?

Pre-authorization allows for the “reservation” of an amount that will be charged in the event of an unjustified customer no-show or a cancellation that does not adhere to the specified terms. Upon booking, you will receive a message confirming the pre-authorization (which is only a notice of pre-authorization and not an actual charge), followed by a reversal to validate the card’s coverage.

The amount is only charged in the event of a customer no-show.

You can reserve the entire venue for private parties. For more information, please contact us by phone.

Dress Code
In our restaurant, we do not impose a dress code on guests. However, we kindly request that shorts and/or flip-flops are not worn.

Gift Vouchers
We do not have gift vouchers and do not accept advance payments.

We welcome children, but we also value tranquility in our restaurant. Guests with children under 8 years old will be accommodated in a private room if available. In any case, if you decide to bring children with you, we ask that you pay the utmost attention to respecting other guests.

Corkage Fee

We can serve the bottle that the customer brings from home with a corkage fee of €40.00 for bottle.


Animals, even if small in size, are not allowed in the premises.

Reservation must be made by 10.00 in the morning for lunch and by 16.00 for dinner.

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