Gourmet Passion

The adventure of Corrado Fasolato continues, who for some years now, having abandoned the glories of grand hotel catering
receives its guests in the hills surrounding the town of Schio, at Spinechile Resort.
Where, let’s face it, only a really good cook (and he is, without any doubt) could think of positioning himself: here, in
ContrĂ  Pacche, you simply do not pass by it by accident, but you really have to want to come there. The road is impassable to say the least but,
as is not infrequently the case in life, the sacrifice to achieve the goal will be amply rewarded. Primarily by the
picturesque view from the glass wall of the small and cozy dining room, but especially from the kitchen of
Fasolato, a chef of recognized talent and great creativity.
A choice, his, certainly a courageous one, dictated by the desire to return to live and work near his Vicenza in a
other dimension.
And also from the dream of having a place to personally grow the fruits and vegetables used for his cooking. And here
will be able to do so, since the restaurant is surrounded by more than 50 thousand meters of land on which it has begun an ambitious and
stimulating redevelopment and cultivation work.
In short, everything seemed to play out so that the chef, far away, from the constraints of prestigious hotel facilities, could
find maximum freedom of expression while having to give due consideration to new management needs and
The room is perfectly managed by the talented Paola, the chef’s wife, who also serves as a sommelier and will be able to suggest
Absolutely nontrivial pairings.
Fasolato confirms himself as a very solid chef. Impeccable technique in the service of a distinct gustatory centrality.
However, we got the impression that something stopped in the kitchen, that the concern to reassure the customer
definitely took over the desire to give him excitement.