An old barn perched on the low mountain spur of Schio, Vicenza. From that height, the view of the surrounding landscape is truly remarkable, as is the almost unreal silence, interrupted only by the breath of the woods that surround the building. We are talking about the Spinechile Resort, the restaurant opened 4 years ago by chef Corrado Fasolato together with his wife Paola Bogotto and their two children, 1 Michelin star just 9 months after opening and a shower of illustrious awards following. Reaching it is really challenging: a series of hairpin bends, dirt roads wide enough for the passage of a car … in short, you need to be very determined and highly motivated. Yet the twenty seats in the dining room, distributed over 5 tables, are always full, because one does not arrive at the Spinechile Resort by chance, but with intention.