The Journal of Vicenza 2013

From the shore of the Schiavoni of Venice to the mountains above Schio.From Vivaldi’s house to Tretto: but the music has not changed.
It is that of a gastronomy that transforms depth of research into unexpected balance of ingredients and tastes..E
from the immense glass window of the venue (four tables, twenty seats) made almost to the limit of technical possibilities, one can admire a
forest landscape that makes one forget daily worries, as distant as the valley shining down there.
Corrado and wife Paola Bogotto after 20 years of wandering (including nine in South Tyrol at the “Siriola” and eight at the “Met” in
Venice, precisely formerly Vivaldi’s home) have realized their dream of returning to their own home, in Schio.
The venue has an elegance of such simplicity and harmony that it becomes grace.
In Venice Fasolato had earned two Michelin stars.After two years away from the guides, he will return this year and it is easy to
anticipate that the evaluation will be of a high standard.
Antonio Di Lorenzo